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Have you ever wanted the freedom to run your own business? Want to be your own boss? Do you want the opportunity and freedom to work from anywhere?

With Mistique you have the ability to do that while selling top quality beauty products, generating income for yourself and your family.

Mistique allows you to choose your hours and gives you the independence to have freedom and build lasting relationships.

Mistique gives you the freedom to run your business through social media, email and even texting.


How It Works


1 Cash Back

  • Earn 20% Cash Back from all your sales!
  • Every dollar you sell you will receive 20% paid directly to your Mistique bank card every week.

2 Referral Marketing

  • Direct Referral Marketing Initiative is where you get others to sign up for self employment to sell our products. You will then receive 3% of everything this referral sells moving forward, this 3% cash back will also be paid to your Mistique bank card at the end of every month. There is no limit on how many referrals you can sign up under you to earn financial freedom.
  • The Referral that signs up under you will also get a Mistique bank card and will earn 20% Cash Back on the products they sell. Your referrals will have the same opportunity to sign up as many referrals of their own to receive 3% Cash Back on their referrals product sales to earn financial freedom as well.

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